To be Christ like in today’s world works in different terms but the same way. Think deeper and bigger.

To be Christ like, in my opinion is to never allow the things that happen before you, break you down. Turn the other cheek not because you have one more but because from you there is an abundance. See what you come from is an infinite being, how could you believe you have yet not an ounce of that. See no time is ever so troublesome that you don’t have another cheek to turn, I am the beginning and the end. Without breath I breath and without cheek you produce another, you are from me. If you were anything like them you could not see your own beauty. What a blessings those nights you cried alone cause the very pit of your being knew there had to be something else to it ad so there was. You simply do this because you know what’s ahead is a heaven right here on Earth that they couldn’t ever comprehend.


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