Dinner at The Hoxton was amazing!



Good Morning Miami!

Woke up this morning in beautiful Miami Florida. I couldn’t sleep but then remembered that I’d brought clothes to workout. It was my plan to take advantage of the beautiful scenery every morning that I was here and so I got dressed, kissed Jaylen and O, who were both still sleeping, and headed to the beach.

I had no particular place to go and so I just went where my heart took me. I walked, I ran, I stood at the shore of the ocean and walked along side it as the waves ran across my feet. I let my eyes drift across the ocean waves until it looked as though static were at the top. They waves were moving so fast, and there were so many of them, one after the other, and all I could think was, “look at God!”

I am amazed and drawn to beautiful views and scenery. No matter where I go on vacation I usually pick a location based off the way it looks. There is something in my spirit that loves water, loves peace,and loves relaxation. Funny thing about my desires and preferences, I did not even notice I had any until I decided to get into the habit of getting to know myself.

When one gets to know him/herself, you mustn’t be afraid of doing things alone or things that seem odd. You must be willing to try new things, see what you truly like, or don’t, and pay attention to those things. There is no voice inside of you that will say, “Oh, you love this” or, “You hate that”, but the way you feel will tell it all. I like to think of our emotions as our spiritual guidance system as they inform you of how you truly feel.

We are taught not to pay too much attention to our emotions, to control them, to bottle them, to share them when the time is right, but never to be conscious of them. They play a very vital and important role in getting to know who it is that you truly are and without them you are lost. The wonderful thing about the way we feel, is that even when we try to ignore the vibrational messages from our spirit, they unlike the human mind, never lie. It can be something that truly makes absolutely no sense to the your thinking brain but you run with it because of how you feel. When you feel something in your being, I say just go with it because learning to trust yourself is the most important gift you will ever give to you.



Have you ever watched the sun set before? I mean have you ever taken a moment to stop,  pause and  look at your life as it is happening in the moment. I call it “consciousness”, you will hear me speak of this often. It is usually the unknown that scares most people but just think about what happens when you turn that same fear into excitement. We never really know what to expect from life, we only know how to dream. Dreaming is what we were made to do because it is from our dreams that what we see in physical form is birthed. This very same thought-production process when in spiritual sync with our creator is one of limitless potential energy. This same type of energy is the one that breathes when there is no breath left, the one that is still and yet moves at the same time. We all have this very same source of energy within us and when we pull even an ounce from it, we receive more than our dreams capacity always. The bigger picture is never the actual dream in itself, but instead the journey, lessons, and friends acquired along the way. Being truly focused, thankful, in the now and still on the verge of excitement, because you know what it is you have dreamed for yourself is already on the way, now that’s the finest roses that you will ever smell.

When you stop and look at the sun as it is setting, you will see things in your life that you have never seen before.