Best day ever

I Iove the way Denim stared at me this morning in a “Please forgive me” kind of way. He stared at me begging for forgiveness this morning because yesterday he jumped out of the car as Jaylen opened the door to take out the garbage. I initially didn’t even feel like even get out of […]

Ice Cream on Christmas

 If it is your life’s goal to be happy, you quickly learn that nothing is by coincidence and that everything always flows. Try paying attention to any moment in life and watch how things never happen by coincidence. I was home alone and decided to grab my laptop from downstairs to finish up some work. While […]

First night in Veags

I arrived at 1 am. I was exhausted, kind of getting my thoughts and feelings together about being on my birthday trip alone. I wanted food and sleep. I had no idea how much fun I was about to have. 5/16/13