Best day ever

I Iove the way Denim stared at me this morning in a “Please forgive me” kind of way. He stared at me begging for forgiveness this morning because yesterday he jumped out of the car as Jaylen opened the door to take out the garbage. I initially didn’t even feel like even get out of the car because our dog Denim does this all of the time. They say that animals act and behave very much like their owners so when he wants to be wild and free I get it. The only thing is that Jaylen is so freaking kind hearted and such a worry wort he wants to wait for him each time. Jaylen being an only child calls him his bro. They fight, play everything, so when he disappears Jaylen worries until he is back. In order to show that I cared, I get out of the car to help look for a few minutes. We were already running late for school so I told Jaylen that Denim would be fine and we had to go. Jaylen worried about Denim all day long. Melissa my and I spent the whole day not working which is so unlike me. I am a workaholic but something about this day felt like fun the very moment I allowed it to happen. Melissa and I went to the office for just a few minutes. I took a few emails, she finished a project that she had due and when we were both finished the task for leaving was to go and get mailing envelopes from the box and supplies store. DrIving and jamming to Drake, As I took our exit off the freeway, I got the idea to grab a quick snack. It wasn’t quite lunch or breakfast time, so I stopped at the Publix grocery store on the way. I usually do a bowl of fresh fruit. It’s so unlike me to try new things when it comes to many areas of my life. It takes practice to untrain and go the other way. Sometimes my mind literally tricks me sometimes into thinking that new things won’t taste as good as the current things. Inspired by the yogurt parfaits Melissa made for us earlier that week, I took a quick Instagram pic of the beautiful display and grabbed two for us to eat. We ate our parfaits outside and the view was amazing. We left there and got the world’s best mani-pedi’s across the street. Left there and went to the bead store and bought the most beautiful pieces ever. Left there and finally got our envelopes. Grabbed Jaylen from school and took him to get his hair cut by Rocky. Melissa and I grabbed the most amazing lattes at the Starbucks next door while we waited for Jaylen. Jaylen had been asking all week if he could grow his hair out a bit. As a parent it’s so hard letting go of your grip but I agreed knowing that he would know what was best for him. We were sitting on the patio and I saw the excitement in his eyes as he walked toward us. His cut was the bomb! I gave him my Starbucks gold card and he grabbed a hot chocolate. I remembered he took a sip and smiled. Said it was the best ever got chocolate ever. I remember I noticed Melissa still had her pedicure flops on and I laughed joking how surprised I was that the toe part hadn’t broke yet. Guess what! As we walked across the street, her toe part broke!! Haha dead in the middle of the crosswalk. Jaylen and I had the freaking laugh of the day!! I’m still laughing. We had to grab Jaylen clothes for his choir performance and distinguished gentleman’s club. Melissa walked from TjMaxx to Ross with us bare foot on one side and neither store had sandals in the entire store. She spotted a Payless from the front window of Ross so Jaylen and I pushed her on a cart to Payless. She bought a new pair of red American Eagle flip flops for 5 bucks #HappyGirl . Next stop was Target for khakis. I couldn’t find any in TjMaxx or Ross and my schedule was packed already. We had no time to spare. Being a mom is like being a super hero and I knew Target had all the fly kid stuff. We walked back across the street and and headed downstairs to Target. We talked about Halloween the whole way there. I want to be a Mermaid, Melissa a hot 70’s chick and Jaylen the Scream guy “Death”. Imagine my face as a mother but oh well it is Halloween lighten up. We found the most amazing clothes and shoes at Target. Went back to the office to have a photo shoot and when we finally made it home of course Denim was safe inside. As we walked in Jaylen waited anxiously to tell his bro what he thought of his behavior. Me playing along and kind of upset too at Denim for staying out all day long, I didn’t look at him until this morning and that’s when he stared at me with those puppy dog eyes. I absolutely loved that. S


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