Ice Cream on Christmas

 If it is your life’s goal to be happy, you quickly learn that nothing is by coincidence and that everything always flows. Try paying attention to any moment in life and watch how things never happen by coincidence.

I was home alone and decided to grab my laptop from downstairs to finish up some work. While in the dining room I could hear the icecream truck from outside and it instantly made me think of my son Jaylen. It hadn’t even been a full day since he left with his dad to head back to Michigan for the summer but I missed him already. If he were here now he’d come racing through the door from outside to ask for a couple dollars for ice cream. If he had just gotten allowance he wouldn’t ask me for money at all he’d very hurriedly ask me if I wanted anything from the truck. I’d always say, “no but thank you.” and he’d always say, “ok!” and hurry out the door. Times he didn’t have money and it was almost pay day for him (allowance) he’d ask to borrow money and I’d never want it back.

Because the sound of the music made me miss my son, I hurried to grab money from my purse on the kitchen counter and enjoy an ice cream cone. I knew that he’d want me to do that rather than be sad. Hearing the music of the ice cream truck quickly fade down the street I  quickly grabbed a $20 bills from my bag. 

As I headed out of my front door I walked to the end of my driveway and saw the van rounding the corner heading to the street behind my house. Determined to get an in ice cream in the name of Jaylen, I fast walked past the side of my house past the homes of the neighbors behind me. I ran into one of Jaylen’s friends on my walk, remembering my $20 bill in hand I quickly told him to go get everybody that wanted ice cream.  

As I approached the van I remember seeing all of these colorful pictures of the items for sale.I mean that’s how you pick what you want from the ice cream truck, well in this case a van. Everyone knows the ice cream decision stance, you stand back fold your arms and stare up at the pictures. The best picture wins. While all the other kids gathered to stare at what they wanted as well, remembering why I was here in the first place I asked the woman in the passenger seat if she knew my son. She asked me how old he was and I told her ten. She looked at me with great surprise and said she thought that I was sixteen. Flattered, I replied, “no”.  and smiled. While the kids were grabbing their ice cream she asked me where he was and I explained that he was in Michigan with his father for the summer. She asked me if he was with family and I replied yes. When I said that he was with family she shook her head yes and smiled as an affirmation to me that he was absolutely ok. I truly think my spirit went outside for that affirmation and not the actual ice cream itself because it made me feel better. 

Then realizing that all the children had their ice cream and so did I in my hand melting away, I quickly asked for my total so that everyone could be on their way. She told me $14 and seeing that I had extra money left over I asked her if she had any potato chips, candy or soda and she replied, “no but I have biscuits.” Mistaken that maybe I had misheard her due to accent I asked her could I see. When she pulls up an actual pack of cheese crackers aka biscuits I burst into laughter. I was ticked and she laughed because I laughed although she had no clue what was funny. I quickly said to her that I didn’t mean to laugh at her but she has no clue what money she could make if she had more product. I then began to think very rapidly and my mouth was moving quicker than I could keep up. I shot about 10-15 ideas at her at once about how she could better her business. She looked at me in awe for all of five minutes while I talked, the children still standing behind me ice cream melting in their hands. 

She looked at me in awe, her and her husband. It’s like I was in a zone. I apologized for over talking them and said I can’t help it. When I see people functioning at the bare minimum I just want to help, my spirit just wants to help. I want to share with them my ideas and concepts I’ve used in building my brand and business. I want to take their mind frame of old thinking , set ways and fear to a new level of wellness which will show in the abundance of their life. We exchanged contact information and as I walked away, jingle bells played over the ice cream vans loudspeaker. 


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